Sunnycrest Annual Dental Awareness DiscountJanuary 17, 2018

2018 Sunnycrest Dental DiscountThe Dental Discount will be available from now until March 15, 2018. We are setting aside appointment time for free dental checks by one of our technicians if you are unsure whether or not your pet needs a dental cleaning. There will be absolutely no charge to have the technician check your pet’s teeth and let you know if they need attention. You can also check yourself. If the teeth are not “pearly white”, they probably need cleaning. If you are not sure if your pet’s teeth need cleaning, please call us for an appointment so one of our technicians can check the teeth for you.

If your pet needs a dental cleaning, there is a $75.00 discount if you make an appointment between now and March 15, 2018. Call us at (714) 871-3000.

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