Pet Wellness

Regular pet wellness exams allow us to evaluate your pet’s general health and let us find out about health problems before they develop into serious illnesses. Because our patients can’t talk to us about how they are feeling we rely on regular physical examinations and your observations at-home to evaluate your pet’s health. We often perform diagnostic tests, including blood and urine tests, fecal exams and/or x-rays, to help us evaluate your pet’s health.

pet wellness

For “senior pets” routine blood testing, urinalysis (urine testing) and other tests are recommended annually. We often recommend routine blood testing and urinalysis for younger pets to establish baseline values, which we use for comparison as pets age.

Pet Wellness exams include:

  • Vaccination plan
  • Parasite prevention
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Regular physical exams
  • Recommendations for care of older pets
  • Weight management and nutritional counseling
  • Laboratory evaluations
  • Spaying and neutering advice
  • Microchip recommendations and advice