Unfortunately our beloved Kenya is now in “kitty heaven”, probably bossing everyone around.  We loved her so much we can’t take her story off our website.

I was dumped off at Sunnycrest Animal Care Center suffering a seizure. The doctors and staff nursed me back to health and I decided that they should all work for me since they were so happy to save my life. I do my best to run the place now and pretty much manage to get my way. I am always good comfort for the pets that come for help. I have to keep the rest of the Pet Patient Support Team in Line and I’m good at that.  I love all living creatures and fear none.


I’m Buster and was left at Mrs. PetLove’s Bed and Breakfast Inn by my family who went on vacation and never came back to pick me up. I was a resident upstairs in cat boarding for several months but when Tracy realized my owners had abandoned me I got to move downstairs to live with Kenya and Peggy in the Treatment area. You can probably tell from my picture that I love to eat and with a big staff taking care of me I’m good at making people think I haven’t had my treats yet

Peggy Jack

My name is Peggy Jack. I got my last name because Dr. Jack saved my life. I was brought in after being in labor for three days by my ex-owners. Dr. Jack saved me by taking me away from the people I used to live with. He did a Caesarian Section to take a dead kitten out of me and against all odds I survived with only a bad leg. That’s why they call me Peggy … even though I don’t really have a “peg leg”, I do have one that doesn’t work too well.