End of Life

The decision to euthanize a dearly loved pet is difficult for all of us. The “end of life” decision is often difficult. If a pet is suffering from an incurable condition and suffering one should consider euthanasia. At Sunnycrest Animal Care Center, we are here to help you in any way we can with this difficult decision when it is not possible to preserve a good quality of life for your pet. If you are facing this tough decision, please feel free to talk to our empathetic doctors and staff.  If you have, questions about euthanasia do not hesitate to come in or call to discuss the procedure with one of our doctors or staff members.

We use Only Cremations for taking care of the pet’s remains. They offer individual cremations and the ashes are returned to you.  They also offer group cremations and the ashes are disposed of at sea or placed in a garden.  A colleague of ours owns the company and we trust him implicitly.