Veterinary Care

We provide the routine general practice veterinary services your pet may need including:

  • diagnosis and care for illnesses
  • vaccinations
  • surgery
  • radiographs (X-rays)
  • acupuncture
  • ultrasound

We utilize state of the art tools including:

  • laser surgery
  • pulse oximetry
  • ultrasound
  • electrocardiograms
  • blood pressure measurement
  • digital X-Rays
  • ultrasonic tooth cleaning
  • Prophy-Jet polishing
  • laboratory diagnostics including vaccine titer testing.

We practice in an area with leading veterinary specialists as well as access to other specialists utilizing telemedicine. Clients appreciate our referrals to Board Certified Specialists for eye surgery and diagnostics, cancer treatment, specialized bone, neurological and soft tissue surgery, endoscopy, stem cell transplants, C.T. Scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Pacemaker Surgery, Dialysis, 24-hour intensive care, neurological disorders, behavior problems and for after hours emergency care.

Tracy and Dr. Grimes at Sunnycrest Animal Care Center

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