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Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Building
Sunnycrest Animal Care Center is located in an area of Sunny Hills zoned “Commercial Greenbelt” and in keeping with the rural atmosphere; we designed our building to resemble a remodeled barn.  We did our best to preserve the rural feeling of the neighborhood and at the same time build a state of the art animal care center.


Sunnycrest Animal Care Center ReceptionReception

Our reception area is spacious and open with over twenty foot high ceilings with skylights to let in natural light and help save energy.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Exam Room

Exam Rooms

We have five exam rooms equipped for outpatient services.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Pharmacy


Our well-stocked pharmacy provides most medications your pet might need saving you a trip to the drug store.  Our computerized pharmacy makes it is easy for us to check on past medications and provide clear instructions on all labels.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Treatment Room Treatment

Our treatment room is where we prepare pets for surgery, do electrocardiograms and perform dental and other procedures.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Surgery Room


Our surgery room is equipped with gas anesthesia, respirator, defibrillator, CO2 laser Surgery, Pulse oximetry, EKG and blood pressure monitoring.


Sunnycrest Animal Care Center X-Ray Room


Our Radiology equipment is powerful enough to X-Ray our largest patients.  We utilize digital radiology so we are able to send our diagnostic studies to radiologists and other specialists anywhere in the world over the internet.

Santi exercise

 Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding provides comfortable accommodation for your dog and the attention of our caring staff.  All air is 100% outside air, which minimizes the chance of airborne infection.  Skylights provide natural lighting for our dog guests.  We feed a healthy Hills diet and are happy to feed food you provide.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding is located on the second floor, away from barking dogs.  The area is bright with daylight from the skylights and has its own kitchen for preparing food for the boarding guests.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Cat Boarding kitchen

Cat Kitchen
Our chef/technician preparing a gourmet meal for one of our guests. We know how picky cats are about what they like to eat. We encourage you to bring the food your cat likes.

Sunnycrest Animal Care Center Grooming and bathing Grooming

Grooming is equipped with the latest Hydrosurge BathPro bathing equipment and our bathers and groomers are experienced and gentle with the pets they bathe and groom